Totin Family

“Our family has utilized the Early Intervention program twice now. The first time with our son who completed the program back in 2018 when the world was running ‘business as usual’ you would say. The second time with our daughter who finished the program in 2021 during a pandemic. Our son Eli had the pleasure of working with an incredible speech therapist, Lisa Baker, who my husband and I still recall to this day. She got him on track with his speech, was so kind, personable, brought activities and toys to help teach him. You would never know today, at 6 years old that the child ever had an issue with speech. He’s beyond articulate for his age!

Our daughter, Violet had very different therapies through the program. She had her occupational therapist, Brianne Reyes, and her special instruction therapist, Nancy Lehman. The two therapists worked together great, and every time one would come in I knew the other had already filled her in on what was going on with Violet previously. It was such a great feeling to have these two women that between all these other children they were seeing they genuinely seemed to care about my little girl. They were always available for any questions I had, constantly were coming up with resources to help me with her, they were like friends that would come over every couple weeks that my children were thrilled to see. This was all during a pandemic also. Even with doing Zoom sessions, some in person, wearing masks, they were very safe, followed every protocol, but still made my daughter feel like everything was ‘business as usual’ like how Eli felt in 2018, and set her up for success for where she is now. I am so thankful for this program and the therapists I have met along the way!” The Totin Family