Early Intervention

Early Intervention services focus on basic skills a child typically develops within the first three years of life such as:

Physical: reaching, rolling, sitting, crawling and walking

Cognitive:  thinking, problem solving and learning

Communication:  talking, listening and understanding

Social/emotional: playing and feelings

Self help:  feeding and dressing

Early Intervention (EI) is designed to meet the needs of infants to toddlers who have developmental delays or disabilities.  Often children are diagnosed at birth with a specific condition (ex: prematurity, surgery, illness, etc) and are referred to services before leaving the hospital.  Not all children have a specific diagnosis and perhaps just develop more slowly than the average child therefore requiring early intervention services.

Early Intervention is no cost to the parents and is serviced under IDEA.  Funding is provided by the state and federal monies.

Each child will have an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that is based upon the families’ concerns for their child.  The IFSP is monitored and updated as the child meets the goals on the IFSP.  Team members consist of the family, therapists, service coordinator and any other persons pertinent to the child’s development.

We service areas such as Latrobe, Greensburg, Irwin, Jeannette and other surrounding areas in Westmoreland County.