“Lena made her way into this world with a bang. Her arrival and the events that occurred after shook us to the core. We were scared and sad, trying to be hopeful but feeling defeated from the start. These ladies came into our home weekly when Lena was a tiny, sick little baby, not even knowing where to begin with her. But they worked. And then they worked some more. They learned quickly that she was determined and stubborn, but so were they. They became closer and knew her better than even some of our own family. They grew to love her, and us them. They were there through the best times and the hardest times. They listened, they grieved, they celebrated – they became true friends. I knew it wouldn’t be the same after Lena turned 3. Luckily we have social media to stay in touch. But I know that my sweet girl misses them, and so do I. I’ve never been able to thank them the way they deserve to be thanked. I don’t even know how I could. So ladies, just know that I am indebted to you. I appreciate you more than you can, or will, ever know. Thank you for helping Lena. Thank you for loving her. Thank you for helping to mold her into who she is today and who she will be in the future. They say “love needs no words,” and I hope that you knew just how much Lena (and we) loved you!”