We are so incredibly thankful for the support that Childhood Enrichment Therapy had given our son, Henry. As parents, we always want what is best for our children and we have found the best of the best! We have high expectations of anyone who works with Henry and have not been disappointed by Amy, Brianne, or Nancy.

Amy is the first therapist we’ve ever worked with so we were quite nervous at the start. However, she made the entire family feel at ease from our first interaction. She has been able to provide vital support during Henry’s recent Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and has worked with us while we continue to gain supportive therapies for him. We all love when Amy comes to play with Henry; he is learning so much from her guided play. In a short amount of time, Amy has helped us see such amazing improvement in his communication skills.

Branne is the absolute best!! Not only has she addressed Henry’s OT needs, she is always able to brainstorm different options for Henry. She does a wonderful job introducing therapy techniques and providing us with the knowledge that we need o feel confident in implementing them. Brianne has been supporting us through Henry’s Therapeutic Listening program, where we have seen significant progress each week. Brianne is consistently checking in with us, and Henry’s other therapist, which allows for each of us to be aware of any progress or areas in need of more focus. She addresses Henry’s sensory seeking with his specific needs in mind.

We have been working with Nancy as Henry’s Special Instructor for a few months now. She is an absolutely ally. We completely trust her opinion and guidance for Henry. Each week Nancy brings extreme patience and a silliness that is contagious. She is able to expand on speech and sensory goals and incorporates new play activities.

We could not be any happier with the work that Amy, Brianne, and Nancy do individually and together. Having them all within the same agency allows for quick and consistent communication which is vital to us. They are truly changing Henry’s life for the best. We are grateful to have them in his life and ours.

Sarah and David M.