“As I look back on our journey with Cayde I see God so clearly in every obstacle. He has directed our paths at every turn, but especially when finding CET! When we received our options for therapy companies it was so overwhelming. So many choices, how do you know which company is the right one for your child? Another family we knew used CET and raved about them. I also remember hearing talk of a sweet lady at church who owned the company, but I hadn’t put it all together. Our family decided on CET and that is when we found hope in a dark time. Our therapist Lisa changed everything for our Cayde! Because of her help we were able to get Cayde to be able to eat solid food without gagging and choking, use silverware, drink from a cup and start putting words together! Cayde is a thriving 6 year old now! We continue to keep in touch with our fabulous Lisa and we see Brianne weekly at church. Not only did CET change everything for Cayde, but now we are blessed to have a friendship with Brianne and her sweet family. Brianne has continued to help guide us and give us “tips and tricks” for our son as he overcomes other challenges. We will forever be thankful for God’s intervention in bringing CET into our lives! They truly are the best of the best!