Why should you choose Childhood Enrichment Therapy?

It is our mission to provide individual services to children and family support services with an objective of developing independence and improving quality of life, to create a self-sufficient individual, to enable individuals with disabilities to maximize their potential in life and to increase the

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At Childhood Enrichment Therapy, Inc., our goal is to provide therapeutic services to your child and family to promote age appropriate developmental milestones.  We offer physical, occupational, speech and developmental therapies to assure  that your child can move, feed, dress, talk and play!  Services are completed in the family’s home, at day care or in the community.  The purpose of therapy is to provide the family with therapeutic techniques and tools that they can incorporate into daily routines and therefore assist their child in achieving developmental milestones.

We serve the Greensburg, Latrobe, Jeanette, Irwin and other surrounding areas of Westmoreland County.